Rushworth Easter Heritage Festival Inc.



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Your membership is important to us.

As we are a not-for-profit group, we rely heavily on fundraising and grants to put together the Rushworth Easter Heritage Festival each year, your $5 (non-business) membership or your $10 (business) membership all goes to us facilitating a great event.

Another way we fund-raise is by running local markets and specialty events throughout the year.  These events will be run as Rushworth Promotions & your membership ensures that you will be notified of upcoming events we are hosting.

We welcome new members.  Membership is renewable annually, and you will be invited to renew.  Renewal is not an automatic process.  Your membership supports this not-for profit organisation so that we can continue to promote Rushworth and surrounding ditrict to everyone.  Please consider joining and showing your comminity commitment.  Once you have completed the application form, you will be transferred to our payment portal.


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